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Without community, RunByMany would be nothing, in fact our name wouldn't mean much at all if it weren't for the "many" developers around the world dedicated to writing Free Software. RunByMany is a software consultancy leveraging Free Software written by myriad contributors. RunByMany is a software consultancy not only focused on customer satisfaction but also focused on building products many customers are happy to run on their machines through their browsers and ready to reccomend to their friends and family.

As part of our commitment to writing good software and honoring those we base some of work on we donate our time to a variety of causes. Every year RunByMany gives back by participating in Cleveland Give Camp, donating our time to the GNU Project, donating time to the Perl Foundation and working with other non-profits.

Here is a partial list of the groups we work with and the projects we help run:

If you would like us to look at helping you on your next project please contact us.